About Us

Karen Coates Director of Dance Travel Dance Tours (formerly Travel Counsellors for Performing Arts) created this company from an idea borne out of her own experience as a “Dance Mum”. 

Karen and her team offer dance studio owners and teachers extensive performance and training opportunities around the world. They are deeply committed to superior customer service, offering a seamless experience for teachers, performers and families at very competitive prices. 

Watching her own daughters grow in confidence through dance and travel performing in front of large, beaming crowds in different countries, Karen believed that she had the experience, drive and passion to combine her love of “dance” with her knowledge of group travel. 

With over 25 years of experience in creating, planning and escorting group tours, Karen has a firm belief that the greatest way to motivate and enrich the development for dance and performing arts students is to incorporate travel into their learning.  

Karen through her experience believes when young dancers travel as part of a dance tour along with their teachers and families, it develops them not only as performers but also as young people.  The friendships strengthen between the group and makes the studio even more unified though these shared experiences.