Destination: Asia

Cross the seas to Asia and experience some of the best dance performances and workshops available. Hong Kong is a favourite for performers, with Singapore as a lovely beginning or end to a group itinerary.

Disneyland Parade

You will be the entertainment before the main parade and dance down the same route as all the Disney Characters. Thousands of people line the parade route to watch you dance.

Perform at Ocean Park

In front of an international audience, students can dance their hearts out at the amazing Ocean Park. Characterized as a zoo meets amusement park, Ocean Park has over 80 attractions and rides including a Marine Mammal Park, Oceanarium, Animal Theme Park and Amusement Park.

Masterclass at Island Dance

An Island Dance Masterclass is a memorable experience for performers, who become personally acquainted with the choreographers giving them the chance to interact, ask questions and take photos! Both Junior and Senior masterclasses available.

Performance at K11 Shopping Mall

A revolutionary museum retail concept and a hybrid model of art and commerce, K11 Shopping Mall is one of the largest in Asia, blending the essential elements of art; people and nature.


 Add Singapore to your itinerary for a wonderful experience. A few fantastic places to include in your group tour is Universal Studios and Singapore Zoo where you can have breakfast with it’s famous residents, the orangutans. Another option is a cruise around Asia.