Destination: Europe

Paris and London are wonderful destinations for your groups to visit. Performers and their families will not only have an opportunity to explore cities full of culture and amazing sights, but can perform at Disneyland Paris and partake in world-renowned workshops. Some activities available are:

Parade at Disneyland

Thousands of people line the parade route to watch them dance and have the experience of a lifetime. 

Performance at Disneyland

Get your Disney on with a performance at Disneyland, Paris in front of an international audience you will not be able to contain your excitement dancing in this magical place.

Disney Character Breakfast

Meet a variety of Disney characters at a Character Breakfast! Eat loads of Mickey Mouse pancakes and have your photo taken with Disney Characters as they visit you at your table.

Head across the channel to London.

Performers can take part in a workshop at the world-renowned Pineapple Dance Centre. When your group is all danced out, head to see a show on the world-famous West End or get magical with an excursion to Harry Potter World. 

Another fantastic option in Europe we offer is a Mediterranean dance cruise aboard a Royal Caribbean ship. Contact us to find out more!