Frequently Asked Questions

While teachers approach us often with questions that are specific to their tour destination or tour type, some questions are more general.  Here are some of the most commonly asked general questions. For more specific questions, please contact our team.

How far in advance should we start planning a dance tour?
As a general guide, 18 months- 2 years prior to travel. This gives performers and their families ample to time to plan and prepare.
What is the minimum number of performers?
Approximately 15 individuals, but depending on the performance location, it could be less.
What are the age requirements for performers?
8 to 21 years old.  The age can vary for different performance opportunities.
What dance genres can we perform?
All genres.
Where will we go?
USA, Caribbean, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, UK and more –
Will you come with us on tour?

All tours are fully escorted. Our aim is to assist teachers in every way by allowing them to concentrate on the group’s performance or providing them with an opportunity for some downtime.

If you would prefer to be independent, we can provide an extensive information pack to enable you to do this as well as offering 24-hour support if required.

Do we need insurance?
Yes, this can be arranged by individual families or we can assist your school with a group insurance policy.
Do we need visas?
Australian and New Zealand passport holders do not generally require visas for the countries we visit. If required however, we are able to assist members of your group obtain them.
What information will be provided to families about the tour?
We provide a complete information pack to all interested families.
Can families travel as well?
Yes, many families travel with the performers and turn it into a family holiday!
Can families extend after the tour? Can you help with this?
Absolutely. We can assist with any additional travel requirements.
Do you provide payment plans for families?
Absolutely. This can be arranged at time of booking.
Can you give us ideas on fundraising?
Yes, we can provide you with lots of ideas on fundraising!