Cruise Ships

Did you know your group can perform on a Cruise Ship anywhere in the world? We specialise in Dance Tours aboard Australian and international cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Norweigan and Carnival, where your students can perform on the same stage as the resident performers for an unforgettable experience at sea.
With assistance from Theatre Technicians and Stage Managers to bring your student’s performance to life, a cruise represents a fantastic and stress-free option for studio owners, directors and/or teachers. Students will meet with the professional cast through workshops and gain insight into life onboard a cruise ship as a performer. Students can also participate in rehearsals and most wonderfully, perform their own routines for cruise guests. Your performance appears on ships “Daily Activities”, advising performance times.
It is also a way for families to have a holiday and bond with other families from your studio. You’ll feast at gourmet restaurants, relax watching concerts under the stars or be entertained by spectacular stage shows. Best of all, it’s affordable, you’ll unpack once and relax as the ship comes to life and the exotic destinations come to your doorstep.


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August 7, 2019